In 2017, we added American Guinea Hogs to the farmstead. Guineas are one of the smaller breeds of pigs, ranging from 150 to 250 pounds at maturity. They have a very docile disposition, and work particularly well on smaller homesteads where they can forage for most of their diet. They are excellent grazers on pasture and will also consume nuts, roots, rodents, and snakes, which makes them easier to raise naturally with very little inputs, such as grain.

Penny is 3 year old sow, who farrowed for the first time in April 2018. She has the sweetest temperament and loves belly rubs! 

Hamilton is a 2 year old boar. Our sweet boy was a little nervous at first but now he enjoys lots of ear scratches! 

Penny and Hamilton are expecting babies in  late Spring 2020.  We sell registered stock as 8-10 week old weaned piglets. Limited numbers available based on quality of the litter. Contact us for pricing information.