Ducks were our introduction animal on the farm and they are still one of our favorites! They are so easy to raise, are resistant to disease, and while a little bit messy, provide hours of entertainment. Besides that, they are excellent foragers and help keep the pest population down in our garden and other areas of the property.

In 2019, we added Silver Appleyard ducks to the farm to serve as a sustainable flock so we can hatch and grow them out rather than purchasing from other breeders.

So besides pest control, why ducks?  Eggs, of course! Ducks eggs are an excellent source of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals- such as iron, B12, folate and vitamin A, and Omega-3 fatty acids.  The amounts in each of the above are usually higher than what is found in a chicken egg.

Duck eggs also have a richer flavor and higher fat content, as well as more albumen, which makes it great for baking. The extra structure creates light and fluffy baked goods.  We eat duck eggs any way we eat chicken eggs, although chicken eggs are a bit better for hard boiling, in our opinion.

Guineas provide a natural form of pest control — they go after all those pesky critters like scorpions and grasshoppers as well as snakes. They also function as our own little alarm system. Guineas sound the alarm when there is something amiss on the property, whether that is a hawk overhead or a stranger in the driveway. Their signals help both the other birds and us humans to know if there’s something going on that is out of the ordinary! Plus, they’re just fun to look at when they are boppin’ around the yard! 

They lay eggs seasonally through the summer time and are a favorite among our family for their small size and rich flavor!