Boneless/Skin On Turkey Breast (priced per lb)


1 Turkey breast/pack – approximately 2 lbs

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Much like our pastured broilers, these turkeys get to live a good life on our farm.  After spending 4 weeks in our heated brooder, they are transitioned to our chemical free pasture where they have access to fresh grass, fresh air and fresh water at all times. Our portable shelters provide protection from the wind, rain, and predators ensuring a stress free environment for them to live and grow for another four months.  As per our standard, we never administer any antibiotics, vaccinations, or medications and we only supplement their diet with the best locally milled NON-GMO grain available. Half a year’s worth of care and effort go into humanely raising these delicious turkeys for you and your family.

Boneless/Skin On Turkey Breast (priced per lb)