Chicken Stock Bones (priced per pound)


5.99 per lb – packages contain 4 chicken back bones weighing between 3-4 lbs total. Final balance calculated from weight.




Our Pastured Broilers are raised in large, open, movable coops that are rotated regularly to keep the environment clean and healthy. These coops are surrounded by a perimeter of electrified portable fencing for protection. This allows them to free range during the day, enjoying fresh grass, fresh air, and sunshine! We also supplement locally milled grain, that is GMO-free to complete their diet. As a result, we have no need for antibiotics, vaccines, or other chemicals to keep the birds healthy.

At eight weeks of age, they are humanely processed in a local USDA inspected facility. All packages are sold vacuum sealed and frozen.


Chicken Stock Bones (priced per pound)


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