While we breed our American Guinea Hogs on the farm, several times a year we raise younger pigs of various breeds from another local farmer. Currently, we have Red Wattle Crosses out on the pasture, eating a mix of grass, volunteer pumpkin and squash, milo, sunflowers and more. They live under portable structures that provide shade and protection from the rain surrounded by portable electric netting for their safety. 


These hogs also receive Non-GMO locally milled grain that is both soy and corn free from the time they reach the farm. 

We believe the best way to raise hogs is through rotational grazing. By constantly rotating them into new paddocks we greatly improve both the health of the hog as well as the land on which they live. 

At butchering time, we work hard to make the entire process as stress free as we can. We also partner with a local butcher that is concerned with the humane treatment of all the animals that go through their facility.